I ran through the empty house.....they were chasing me. I ran up the stairs, thinking maybe there was a safe place to hide. All the time though, I was thinking of Angeline, and the promise I made to her.

It was hard to run on the lovely carpet, with my unlovely sneakers, I was constantly tripping, I most especially didn't want them to catch me, because if they did, they'd eat me. I was searching for a room with a lock, just incase they could open doors. I finally though found a bathroom. I ran into it and locked the door. I finally had time to catch my breath, and relize the bathroom was beautiful. The wallpaper was just so cute! Little pink bunnies holding baskets full of Easter eggs. The countertop, which also held the sink was marvelous! But even though I was noticing the beauties of this bathroom, I started noticing the horrors.

Inside the sink was blood, spit, and water all combined. The smell of iron and flesh haunted the air. It was to late. Something was sharing this bathroom with me. I couldn't escape though, the moans and grunts of the others were already outside of the door. Oh crap. I thought. Someone please help me.