The Undead Side



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January 1st, 2015
01 / 01 / 2015


Episodes 1-(WIP)
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The Undead Side is a fanfiction project by PieGuy49. It was aired the 1st of 2015.

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After the city turned to hell, survivors have been crying for mercy and life over the depths of the invasion of the undead, revived from the grave. They were all scientists, farmers, teachers, constructioneers, engineers, and medics. Now they sniff the air like wolves looking for their breakfast; flesh. All over, they have spread the zombie virus through the planet, with a no sense for a cure. Either try to find one, or leave Earth into pain and misery to the dismay for 8-billion people.

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Episode 1: Disappointments Edit

The Undead Side

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A car comes screeching, running over some zombies. As the man pops out, he trips, resulting a zombie to eat his arm.

Another guy in a pistol walks beneath a suburb to take cover, as he reloads, a zombie jumps off a him. As it takes his attack, he stabs violently, letting the slit, bloody. He turns around and rushes to the nearest secured truck, with a sign of 'ALIVE INSIDE'.

As he opens, a bunch of preppy-thug looking dudes pops out loading their guns. "Woah, not dead!" the man said surrendering. "What's your name, son?" an elder asked, lowering his pistol. He looked at him for a while. "Steven, Steven Parker." he hesitated.

"Parker, eh?" the old man said. "Name's Mack," He shows a raised eyebrow. "Got' en a job?" he asked. "Um, I partake in construction. I just build homes and buildings." Steve replied, nearly acting suicidal. "So, a builder? We could get a handy of you. Hop on in,"

Steve was relieved. 'Am I going to die?' he thought. He sighed. "I hope I can trust 'em." he whispered gently to himself catching it as a note.

They walk outside, the man who was in the car kept dragging himself to it, unnoticed. "C'mon, let's go to that Burger Restaurant thing," Mack pleaded. "Hey, I remember this, it's where I come get my Cheeseburgers!"

"Focus!" Mack warned. "We don't want to attract walkers!" Steve showed a thumbs up signal. "Got it!" he said. They tried opening the door. 'Ah, dammit, it's locked!' Mack thought. "Can't we just bullet the door?" the guard said. "I suppose we could, but we'd make noise. It's better just to go through the vents."

Steve followed Mack to the roof.