Stacey Turner is an teacher at Medical school and forced by WalterStone Company to make an zombie viruis.


Stacey was always intelligent.She then went to university to study medicene and got the teaching job.Stacey then bought an private flat.Waterstone told her to make the zombie viruis knowen as Winstone or she will be killed.

During and DeathEdit

Stacey Turner and survivors Mark Brown,Michelle Jones and Frank West were trapped in an abandoed hospital with zombies.When it was only Stacey and Michelle alive,Stacey gave her life to save Michelle.However,When Michelle found an journal,It was revealed what happened.However,Michelle wanted to stop the outbreak but was too late.


  • Stacey is revealed by Michelle when she escapes the hospital.
  • In an news report,Stacey had died in an Car accident.