Mad World is a multimedia fanon project and has been around since late 2010 the story is based on survival and drama and is set in London


The listed are the articles related to Mad World and it's spin-offs and other related media such as characters, storylines, events, and species

  • The Infected; the main non-human antagonists of Mad World based on George A. Romero's concept
  • Patrick Kayne; the main character in the main Mad World series he is a survivor who after barely escaping the outbreak at a insitution is set on finding his family in the chaos
  • Caroline Thomas; a main character in the series is the wife of Patrick Kayne


Main StorylineEdit


The town was dark, and deserted the only sign of life was the crows who were picking flesh from the dead remains of those who were Infected or killed during the outbreak the windows all broken and the stores looted it was hell. No. It was worse. A car was driving through the town the person who was driving it was scared, real scared. Not that he was the only one - Everyone was scared. The car broke down in the middle of the town, desperate the lone survivor quickly jumped out and opened the hood and to his horror the engine burnt-out. The lone survivor couldn't believe his luck looking around for any signs of life or those who once had one the survivor quickly ran into a nearby general store hoping to survive the night if only that was possible.