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House to House is the first level of Left 4 Dead Quarntine.

Transcript Edit

(Video Mode)

Smith:Alright boys, saddle up. We need to take back this suburb. I'm gonna turn it over to Major Ellis.

Major Ellis: Boys here's what I need you to do. Clear out these sections of housing with Charlie Company. Shouldn't be too hard. Nothing we haven't seen before.

(Gameplay begins)

Allen: You heard the man let's roll. Shouldn't be too far.

(Small group of infected)

Tayler:There's some! Open up!

(When fired upon 15 infected attack)

Jackson:Holy shit!

(When defeated)

Smith:Keep your eyes peeled boys. There will be more.

(Distant gunfire and a friendly squad comes into view)

(Large group of 20-25 infected attack)

Jackson:God damn it! I thought we had this area!

Allen: You know Zack! He don't give up!

Smith: But it's nothing we ain't seen before. Keep a cool head a steady f-ing trigger finger and we all go home in one piece.

(After 1-15 infected are killed a charger runs over one of the AI Allies.)

Ally: Oh god! Help me!

Ally Leader: What the hell?

Jackson: Yeah, well I ain't never seen this shit before. What is it?

Smith: No fucking idea. Open fire!

Allen:How do you like this you son of a bitch! (When firing at Charger)

Ally: *Continues screaming*

(Once charger is dead a hunter jumps onto another Allied soldier)

Ally 2: AIII!!!!!*Gurgles*

Leader:Get it! (Gets hit in the face with spitter goo) AHHHH!!!!

Allen: Orders sir?

Smith:Get 'em!

(As team goes to attack a building collapses and gets in front of them cutting them off from the rest)

Major Ellis: What *Static* at?

Smith:*Coughs* A building just collapsed!We're cut off!

Jackson: Well no shit.

Allen: We should probably-

(Airstrike detonates and the player is thrown back)

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